Inspiring as many of our youth as possible!

Written by Azizah, Love Branches is a series of books dedicated to empowering children by recognizing their potential and representing them as being able to accomplish all things.

Out of the womb she came weighing one pound and 14 ounces. She was given a limited time to live and surpassed all odds. Her mother said she was considered to be a miracle child on the hospital floor she was born on. Since that time, she has surpassed many obstacles, and she takes no credit herself but gives all glory to God. She has shared in the journey of being a wife and the great joy of motherhood. The sky is the limit and possibilities are endless for this upcoming and cocooned Author, Azizah Jones. Her desire is for those who read these poems, to realize that they have butterfly wings that need to take flight. Her vision is to change lives through her writings.

About the Author

About the Artist

Solomon Muhammad is a self-taught artist and writer born and raised in Denver, Colorado. His great passion for drawing began at the age of 10. By the age of 22, Muhammad started his own business and launched Solo-Rock Visuals.  While offering his services as a freelance illustrator, he also held the position of promotional artist for the non-profit agency, Art from Ashes.  Muhammad’s portfolio includes book cover art for Mama’s Song (2017) by Azizah Jones, and Hiding Behind the Night (2017) By Jamil A. Shabazz, as well as logos for established brands, such as Jiridόn Apothecary, Athletics & Beyond, Patty Bakes, BLM 5280, and Juniper & Berry Naturals.